PHPWiki from CVS requires change to table.

Pulled the CVS version of PHPWiki out. After updating, attempting to post anything that would create new page links, a SQL error would occur. The new version of PHPWiki's DB code for MySQL uses an autonumber on the ID in the page table. Updated to add the auto increment property.

alter table page


Why is NAT good for you?

Recent articles have pointed to a 50% chance that an "unprotected Windows PC" will be infected within 12 minutes of being connected to the Internet.

Globe and Mail article on exploits of Windows Systems

What this means is that if a machine is installed with Windows and then goes online to obtain the necessary security updates, it is probably exploited before completing the update process, with all the negative consequences thereof. Windows XP with Service Pack 2 is already partially "hardened" compared to prior versions of Windows, which makes a most compelling argument for updating to the newer operating system if it is possible when it becomes necessary to reinstall windows. However, it is often necessary to reinstall Windows due to some calamity that befell the operating system, and such reinstalls usually will be with the existing operating system the machine is licensed for. If you only have 12 minutes before having a 50/50 chance of being exploited, how in the world can you safely update it?



Video of our flight out to the battle (no pictures during the dogfight... nobody would give up such an advantage).

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