A software package a day: DownThemAll!

Another of my Firefox plug-ins, DownThemAll! does exactly that: it downloads all the files linked to by a page. This isn’t something I use often, but when you find a site where you need all of the contents it is a handy tool to click once and have them queued up and delivered. Some recent examples were visiting a page of a musician who provides audio files for their music for free (using the Creative Commons license) and a support page where a monthly newsletter was issued as a PDF. In both cases it was a matter of right clicking the page, selecting DownThemAll! and applying a filter for the file type (mp3 or PDF) and I was up to date with the content.

There isn’t much more to say about the tool other than the filtering process can be a bit clunky. The progress bars are nice and you can throttle the download to avoid overloading a server with requests (which is the polite thing to do… with such a tool there is no need to grab everything in a hurry). Recommended, and play nice.