Link Dump

I have been accumulating interesting links as "starred items" in Google reader. The problem is that over 100 such items is beyond the effective range of that system, slowing access. So here is a link dump of things I find interesting but haven't yet been able to fully pursue.

The Predictioneer's Game: using game theory to predict outcomes.

Immersive Collaboration: Taking virtual worlds further in data presentation.

Data Analytics Maturation: Defining maturing levels of analytics in an organization.

Evoke: Augmented reality game about social problem solving.

20 most popular open source software packages: As the title states. I have used 13 of the 20 personally, so this list seems a good launching point for exploring open source.

5 best VPN tools: Personally I use OpenVPN, despite not being a traditional VPN solution. Easy to set up and reliable.

30 web applications: There are a lot of useful apps that require zero installation. The question: how critical of data to trust to such systems?

The Universe: Help in understanding our relation to the larger cosmos. (Here is a related Star Size Video.