Games for Windows Live

Shamus at 20 Sided put together a post that completely describes my experience with Games for Windows Live.

How is it that the largest software company in the world, with a huge console gaming arm, can't write PC software for game management?

I use and love Steam and it has never done anything so broken as the things that GfWL does when you simply try to log into a game like FUEL. I also use Gamer's Gate (simplicity itself: just download a shim that loads your file and installs normally) and Impulse (which has had some serial number glitches, but overall works fine as well).

Yet it seems that every game with GfWL has challenges on my machine. Which simply means if I hear a game uses GfWL, I skip it. I really don't have time to play every game that comes out that I might like anyway, so thanks to Microsoft for helping me filter the list.