TeraCopy for Windows 7, 64 bit.

I was copying a large software project from one directory to another in preparation for upgrading the project files to Visual Studio 2010 format. The copy dragged on and on moving at just over 1MB/s with 1GB to copy. It completed in about 20-25 minutes, which was absurd.

Doing some Googling I found plenty of references to slow copy problems (something I had also encountered in Vista), but I also saw a reference to TeraCopy as a solution.

I figured such a tool might be slightly faster, but considering the time I wasted already I thought a quick install couldn't hurt. Using TeraCopy I moved the same files yet again... in just over a minute. Two times faster I could have explained with clever buffering, but twenty times? While it makes no sense, TeraCopy has joined my stable of "must have" utilities.

The user interface is less intuitive than the standard copy "drag and drop", but for that kind of speed I will deal with a bit of clunky interface design.

TeraCopy works on earlier operating systems and 32 bit windows as well... I'm sure it is just as facile at the task there as well. Recommended.