Installation List

When I repaved my development machine, what got reinstalled... and why? Here is my list, in alphabetical order.

Adobe Web Premium 5.5 Suite, from which I primary use Acrobat X, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash Pro and Dreamweaver.

Bulk Rename Utility, the ugliest UI in the world, but priceless when you need to rename some crazy batch of files in some regular way.

Carbonite, to access my online backup (and eventually it will be unfrozen and backing up the new install).

DevExpress Refactor! Pro/CodeRush, for code efficiency.

Filezilla, for GUI ftp access.

Google Chrome, as my primary browser.

grepWin x64, bringing the power of Grep to Windows.

KeePass Password Safe, because using the same password twice is a bad idea.

Logitech Webcam, for meetings.

Microsoft IIS Webserver, for development.

Microsoft Office 2010, mostly for OneNote, which I'm finding replaces my old mind mapping software.

Microsoft Silverlight, for development.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Developer's edition, for development.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, for development.

Microsoft Visio Pro, for quick diagrams.

Microsoft LightSwitch 2011, for evaluation.

Mozilla Firefox 5, for the rich plugin environment which turns it into a power web development tool.

Notepad++, for quick and dirty text editing.

QuickBooks Pro 2011, for accounting.

Skype, for the IM features.

SQL Compare/Data Compare, Redgate's excellent database tools.

Synergy, to link my main keyboard and mouse to the notebook and server.

Terminals, to manage the many remote sessions I use.

TortoiseSVN, to manage the SVN repositories. I do wish there was a good SVN UI that didn't attach to the explorer, as I find the performance slower than dedicated tools and the icon overlay fights with Carbonite.

URecover for Windows Backup, which I used prior to finding the scripts for accessing the Image Backup internal data.

WhoCrashed, useful for checking bluescreen dumps while I get the drivers sorted out (which I seem to have done).

WinHTTrack Website Copier, for mirroring content so it can be used in unit tests when making changes to sites.

WinRAR 4, because there is the occasional RAR file that needs to be opened.