Concrete5 blogging software admin password reset.

It isn't uncommon to have a client approach you with an existing content management system where they have lost the admin account due to a change in web developer or simply the mists of time. Concrete5 uses a MD5 hash, but you can't use the MySQL hash to generate it as the salt is installation specific.

I found a workaround for thisvia Nabtron[1].

First, write a snippet of PHP on a PHP page on the host that Concrete5 is running on that reads:

echo md5('newpassword'.':'.'concrete5salt'); 

The quoted parameter 'newpassword' is the password you will be applying, while 'concrete5salt' is found in /config/site.php. View the result of this call in your browser and then go to MySQL and apply that value to the password field of the user table for the user account you need to recover.

update Users set uPassword='HashFromAbove' where uName=’UserAccount';

[1] How to retrieve concrete5 admin password via phpmyadmin