ARCserve Backup 1.11 database rebuilding.

CA ARCserve backup came with one of our backup devices as a pack in. It has always been a bit dodgy, but recently it collapsed completely. It appears to have been a database issue.

ARCserve uses Centura Software's "RAIMA VLDB" and there are utilities documented in "VLDBUTIL.HTM" file in the main folder of the backup software. Well, mostly documented... you need to know that the *server* you are working on is always called CASDB (the baked in user name and password are documented).

To fix database issues (which your should try if the system has become slow or non-responsive), shut down *all* CA services and then bring the CA Database service back online.

There is a quick way to bring the services down found in %program files%\CA\SharedComponents\BrightStor\cstop.bat. Follow this with a net start CASDbEngine.

Ensure you are in the backup program directory:
cd "%program files%\ca\brightstor arcserve backup"

Then issue the following:
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret [databasename]

where [databasename] is replaced by the following in turn:

  • Asjob
  • Asmsg
  • Asmsgdat
  • Asmmo
  • Asmedia
  • Asobject
  • Asrhost
  • Astape
  • Astpdrv
  • Astpsdat

Astpsdat is most likely to be the problem child, as it has the most records and is the most heavily modified database. (I recommend building a batch file that executes all these steps, for simplicity.)